Colour Management

Color Management Overview

Tired of Prints that don’t match your monitor?

The fact is all your devices – scanners, digital cameras, monitors, and printers – reproduce colors differently. There are even differences in the way individual printers of the same model manage color. Many variables affect color, including your ink and paper type.Time to take control!

Color Management – is a way to set up your environment (called a workflow) to allow all these devices to speak the same language so you can get accurate and predictable results. The ultimate goal is to match the colors of the image displayed on your monitor with the ones produced by your printer. We use Color Management software to create profiles for all your devices. a profile provides a description of each device’s color gamut – the range of reproducible color. You use these profiles in your workflow, and the result is an accurate translation from one device to the next, giving you consistent, predictable color.

This diagram presents a simple look at Color Management. The fact is the human eye sees a very wide range of colors – wider than scanners and cameras can “see” and much wider than any monitors and printers can “show”. each of these devices reproduces color differently, both in terms of how many colors and also in terms of which colors, or the shape of their “vision” (gamut). They truly each speak a different language.

Color Management acts as the translation system and finds a common language or vision. once we turn on Color Management software and apply the unique translation controls (profiles) the work is done – colors match! if you are expecting to get a match between your original image and your final output, without the hassle of trial and error, Color Management is for you. Get the competitive edge to creating accurate prints. Get out of the loop – save time, money, ink and paper using proven.

It’s important to recognize that because every piece of hardware has it’s own gamut, we need to translate all of their rendering abilities in a common and shared way – that’s Color Management.