Corrosion Eliminator and Anti-Seize Lubricant

Ultra Safety Systems' Tef-Gel is a specially formulated PTFE-based waterproof paste that has many uses, including: Eliminating the seizing and galling of metals, prevention of galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals and also as a lubricant that will not break down in salt water or detergents. Tef-Gel can be used on bolts, screws and electrical connectors as it is waterproof, non-conductive and does not dry-out.

Stops: Corrosion, Seizing, Blistering & Galling

- Eliminates Corrosion of stainless screws in aluminium and other dissimilar metals

- Eliminates Blistering of painted surfaces

- Stops Galling of stainless steel and titanium

- Stops Seizing on outboards & outdrives

- Waterproofs electrical connections

- Prevents rot between screw and wood

Tef-Gel Video

The Tef-Gel® Story as told by the inventor, Robert P. Mergenthaler

During my years in the Aerospace industry, I used many Hi-tech products not available to the public. Twelve years later I am still applying my Aerospace knowledge to my career in the Marine industry.

The most common problems I see in the Marine industry are: BLISTERING, CORROSION, RUST, GALLING and SEIZING of metals. To eliminate this, I discovered a PTFE compound that when properly applied, eliminates blistering, corrosion, rust, galling and seizing of hardware in marine environments. I called this compound TEF-GEL®. Its space age design doesn't break down in salt water or detergents. TEF-GEL® is a thick white paste made of PTFE, a compound which is impervious to salt water. Water never gets past it.

TEF-GEL® has never failed me! I've sold this commercial grade product to the most demanding professionals at major Equipment Manufacturers, Rigging Companies and Shipbuilders with complete satisfaction. TEF-GEL® has been used thousands of times over the years to stop corrosion from the largest ocean vessels, sailboats & powerboats to the smallest outboards.

So there you have it. Use Tef-Gel when fastening stainless steel screws to aluminum

Tef-Gel is a registered trademark of Ultra Safety Systems, Inc.